… I am a play tailor; I craft experiences to convey complex messages in an attractive way, fit client needs, meet user expectations and especially entertain. Having worked for almost 25 years in the the fields of design and design research, I have focused for the last 17 years on the design, development and understanding of playful experiences. Up until now, I have been involved in the design of a wide range of play-related projects and products, such as toys, board games, digital games (including ghost writing numerous casual mobile games whose names I don´t know), gamified everyday-activities, interactive installations, a gamified theatre play and an amusement park attraction. I estimate having designed hundreds of games so far. Some of these games have been out in the market, existing as commercial products, while others have been research and art projects.

Why to choose me among other game professionals? I am not a simple game maker. I actually FRAME, DESIGN and deploy play and games for publics with different characteristics and with diverse interaction habits and cultural backgrounds. I especially tailor meaningful playful forms fitting a specific user and meeting a communication and entertainment goal. For each project I get to know my client, the message to deliver and to transform into a playful experience, as well as the target user and their profile (personality, needs, interface knowledge, hardware to work with, etc).


My practice consists of meticulous and precision-oriented game design methods and procedures, rather than repetitive, “serial”, “mass-produced” designs.

Some of my academic and professional accomplishments include receiving several awards and scholarships, presenting my works at festivals, publishing a comic book and achieving the screening of one my animated music videos at select cinema theaters in the USA as well as its premiere on the AOL’s music site TheSpinner.com. And my students at graduate level won second place in the “Game Design Contest 2013” of Australia’s Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre with a project developed at one of my courses especially for this competition.



I graduated with a BA in Communication Sciences, an MSc. in Art and Media Technology (Gothenburg University), an MSc. in Game Design (IT University of Copenhagen) and a PhD. magna cum laude about design methods and design methodologies with focus on the design of games (Bayreuth University).



I am actively engaged in several political initiatives that promote peace, cultural understanding, and liberal values.