Breathing playground


Breathing is the essence of living, a common action to all human beings. We can choose to be aware of it, but we rarely do.


Breathing Playground is a playful activity is to raise awareness about our own breathing and other people’s breathing and use this mechanism as a tool for empathy, to explore our ability to understand and share feelings with people around us.


Participants are guided playfully with instructions and technical aids through a series of breathing exercises that reconnect them with themselves and with those around them by exploring several conditions: proximity, social interaction, timing, awareness through a different predominant sense (visual, sound and kinaesthetic) and synchronicity with other people’s breathing rhythms. This playful context serves as a playground for intimate interactions and expanded (self) awareness.



Enrique Perez and Klemen Lilja. Play at Counterplay 2017 in Aarhus, DK.